On That Day

On That Day

A Memoir by Aamir Shamsi   |   October 2014 Edition
At the Heart of it All

At the Heart of it All

An Essay by Muhammad Xhemali   |   August 2014 Edition
A Soul's Return

A Soul’s Return

A Short Story by Shahin   |   August 2014 Edition

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The Six Hues of Hayaa’

Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (may Allah’s peace...

Dealing With Decreased Enthusiasm Image

Dealing With Decreased Enthusiasm

How many times have you found yourself really motivated and excited to do something for Islam...

Free The People Page

Free The People

It was for years, everyday, in the land of the sand With their fears, the...


He is Greater

Woke up before dawn Cold water and sleepy eyes Ignored Shaitan’s lies Left my class...

Passing With Flying Colors

Written By Fatimah Waseem and Amal K. The minutes ticked by as I sat in...

Music Junkie Syndrome

I’m such a music junkie. I mean I was, but then I gave it up...