Us Versus the Law

Who Makes the Rules?

  By Aamir Shamsi   |   June 2014 Edition
Her Name was Mariam

Her Name was Mariam

  By Attiya Latif   |   June 2014 Edition
Bittersweet Solitude

Bittersweet Solitude

  By Sara Bawany   |   March 2014 Edition
You Are Ethereal

You Are Ethereal

  By Raadia Khan   |   March 2014 Edition
The Final Appointment

The Final Appointment

  By Jasim Malik   |   February 2014 Edition

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Music Junkie Syndrome

I’m such a music junkie. I mean I was, but then I gave it up gradually, Alhamdulillah. I got...

Under One Umbrella

Walking upon the path of dissension, we leap into the well of destruction, not knowing how our desires have devoured us...

Captains of the Sea

We have been appointed to be captains, captains of the sea – whether on calm waters or on raging...

Another Chance

As with any other night, exhaustion overcame me as I got ready for bed. Prayer, eh, it wasn’t exactly...


Umrah In Ramadan: A Personal Journey

My wish was finally coming true. I had been on Umrah before when I was younger but for the...

I'm So Not Worth Anything

I’m So Not Worth Anything

It was a beautiful moonlit, starless night. I gazed out of the window and breathed in deeply. It all...