A Soul's Return

A Soul’s Return

A Short Story by Shahin   |   August 2014 Edition
The Purpose of Optimism

The Purpose of Optimism

An Essay by Mehraj Hassan   |   August 2014 Edition

Feature: Quilt of Kindness

A Poem by Rahma Zakaria   |   July 2014 Edition

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Islamic Activism Slider

Islamic Activism: More Than A Hobby?

“I’m going to make her happy, Inshā’Allāh”. One day, I went with my mother to...

Flying Away Banner

Flying Away

That night, I was too little to cry, Hidden in mama’s womb So closely tied....

Islam_A Religion of Zero Tolerance Banner

Islam: A Religion of Zero Tolerance

More than 1400 years ago, a system of equality, justice, and tolerance was established. It...

The ABCs of this Ramadan Banner

The ABC’s of this Ramadan

As Muslim youth, Ramadan rolls around every year, and it means certain things to each...

Earthquake Aftershock Banner

Earthquake Aftershock

It was almost 5:00 am and I was still in bed. The steady beep of...

Encounter with Muslim Superheroes Banner

Muslim Superheroes Assemble!

While over a friend’s house, we began to watch The Incredible Hulk. The movie itself...