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Jumping Off the World

“Have you ever felt like jumping off the world?” Upon the questioner’s face my gaze falls. Frozen tears avalanche and melt into warm streams. Her face screams through tired creases as she whispers, “I want my fingertips to grace the sky as it blushes a stain of plum With my arms thrown up as I dive off the earth and splash into the universe.” I watch her peer back at me from behind the watery curtains that drape her irises. “Eardrums burst and walls shatter when they spit spears...


Basket of Moonlight

I was no longer sure about the time of day. Not a ray of sunlight was apparent to signify the morning, nor was there a sliver of moonlight to signify the night. All I was certain about was the opacity that engulfed the atmosphere I was trudging through. The air felt moist against my forehead as I blindly roamed on, and made me wonder if I was passing through a dark, dense fog. I wandered and wandered. The surface beneath my feet was rough and uneven. At one point...


Up and Away

There are days when the sun is on a chariot, bursting through the clouds. And I am elevated enough to throw my head back and allow its rays to greet me. Those same days I sweep down from that altitude to give my salaams to the city of grass that chippers in excitement when it sees me. There are days when the clouds are too melancholy to part their wisps for the sun. And I am elevated enough to feel them weeping warm rain. Those same days I sweep...