Blogging. Islamified. An Essay by

“OMG, my coffee spilled!”

A few weeks ago, I had written about how my Gmail got hacked into and how you really don’t know what you got until it’s gone. Jawaad (another MYM blogger) commented,

“MashaAllah a very insightful post indeed. I’m smiling at how you take such an irrelevant issue and relate it to your Deen.”

For me, I wrote of that incident without much thought. Why? Because Islam is literally a way of life for all Muslims. The idea of ‘separation of [mosque] and state’ is something alien to Muslims as everything we do reflects our identity as Muslims. When we wake up, when we eat, when we talk, when we answer the call to nature, when we write, when we do anything, we do it under the guidelines of Islam.

Essentially, that’s why (MYM) began. We have so much happening in our lives that it becomes pertinent to discuss our views with others. SubhanAllah, even in a class of peers, there are so many opinions and viewpoints on one issue that is based on their personal experiences and interactions. On a daily basis, we recall several activities that may have taken place that day or week to either ourselves or to others with our perspectives, sidenotes, or tangents on the matter.

That’s exactly what blogging is about; sharing your thoughts with others on several issues. It doesn’t have to be correct. It doesn’t even have to be politically correct. It just has to be about you and your thoughts. If they’re wrong or disagreeable, then that’s still fine as there will be healthy discussions (but don’t start arguments for arguments’ sake). With MYM and other like-minded sites, this blogging is just taken to a higher level as Islam and Allah are weaved into the discussion. On, there was once an amusing article that was published discussing a parent’s job description. Yasir Qadhi commented on this and wrote:

Great find! I think you should also ‘Islamify’ this (for ex., amongst the benefits is leaving sadaqa jariya after you die…)

See? What did I tell ya? Even the Shuyookh are saying that articles, such as the amusing one on parenthood, can be ‘Islamified’. It’s just all about making the connection. Once that is made, we can share it with others so that others can benefit and give their two cents on the issue. Man is a social creature, so enjoying to converse is universal, but the manner of conversation, whether it be speeches, articles, or videos, varies from an individual to another. It is important that we explore the different avenues and understand what we feel most comfortable with, and pursue it…

OMG, my coffee spilled! Hey, it just might have a deeper meaning!