At the Heart of it All

At the Heart of it All

An Essay by Muhammad Xhemali   |   August 2014 Edition
A Soul's Return

A Soul’s Return

A Short Story by Shahin   |   August 2014 Edition
The Purpose of Optimism

The Purpose of Optimism

An Essay by Mehraj Hassan   |   August 2014 Edition

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Not Her Cup of Tea: Part I

Not Her Cup of Tea: Part I

Trudging through the sodden dirt-path, the permanent frown on Amaan’s face deepened as she lost...

Flicker Of Hope

Flicker of Hope

Numbness overcomes me once I finally see That I beg for a savior, but it...


Who is in Control?

09:46 – I wasn’t getting any closer to my destination. I was still on the bus,...

To Tape to My orm Wall

To Tape to My Dorm Wall

My sister, know that only a prayer keeps us afloat for tomorrow: pulling down, pushing...


Trust and Loyalty

Nikah is the legal binding of a man and a woman in marriage. This relationship...


A Bouquet of Love

He gently laid the dried petals into the potpourri vase and swirled through them slightly....