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Fatimah Waseem

Editor-in-Chief | Maryland, USA | Literary Pieces | Contact

Fatimah Waseem is a student at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at University of Maryland, College Park where she is double majoring in journalism and government and politics, and minoring in international development and conflict management. When she’s not in a classroom, she’s writes for the college newspaper “The Diamondback.” Off campus, she writes for The Muslim Link newspaper, the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area’s premier source for news on Muslim affairs. And when she’s not writing, she has her artist’s pen in hand: her paintbrush. Writing for MYM allows her to take a deep breath, step back, and regain perspective on life!


Managing Editor

Sabera Akhter

Managing Editor | Texas, USA | Literary Pieces | Contact

Sabera was born in New Jersey and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Creative Writing minoring in Management. Her love for writing budded before she was a decade young by an appreciation for rhythm and rhyme, and developed as she got older. She now dabbles in all types of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Besides writing, most of her free time is either spent in thought, engaged in some kind of physical activity, or trying her hand at a new craft. Since being introduced to Muslim Youth Musings, she has hoped to contribute what she can to it.


Literary Editors


Literary Editor | Ontario, Canada | Literary Pieces | Contact

Hanaa is an English major who calls the border city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada home. She has an insatiable thirst for the written word, particularly poetry and enjoys immersing herself in the study of new languages. She writes for MYM to remind herself and others that all of our trials and triumphs come from to Allah azza wa jal. In her spare time she enjoys writing eclectically in her journal, attending AlMaghrib seminars, and playing basketball.


Mosab Sabah

Literary Editor | Virginia, USA

Mosab Sabah is a senior at George Mason University majoring in English. At a very young age he was exposed to the English language through language schools he attended in Egypt and frequent visits to Washington D.C. where his father was working. His interest in literature and writing developed rapidly after his relocation to Northern Virginia in the late 90’s. As a child he enjoyed creating his own cartoons and short stories. He has read many different kinds of literature but his exposure to Islamic literature was limited to Sahih Al-Bukhari and Tafsir ibn-Kathir. He is very excited for the opportunity to read and contribute to an extraordinary selection of Muslim literature and looks forward to being a part of such an incredible literary experience.



Arif Kabir

Trustee | Maryland, USA | Literary Pieces | Contact

Arif Kabir is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park. He enjoys losing himself in deep thought, in worship, in reading, in the arts, and in the creation of fond memories. He writes for MYM because he feels this is the best medium to fill the void of Islamic literature in the Muslim Ummah. He strongly believes that every incident in life has a deeper reason behind it, and that it is everyone’s duty to reflect and look into these connections to come to new realizations and thus closer to Allah.


Media Manager

Aysha Azraq

Media Manager | Virginia, USA | Contact

Aysha Azraq is an Egyptian American that was born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia. She is currently attending George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, majoring in graphic design with a minor in IT. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, and staying active with her community. She joined MYM to read different perspectives and be inspired by the amazing literature on this site, mashaAllah.

Website Administrator

Gibran Ali

Website Administrator | Maryland, USA | Contact

Gibran Ali, a computer science graduate from the University of Maryland, has been a computer buff for years. Originally from Pakistan, Gibran came to the United States in 2008 as a high school graduate. He is the Founder and System Administrator of Vanelegion Technologies, a web-designing and web-hosting firm. His past work includes designing and hosting websites for various charitable organizations, new businesses and online stores. He recently graduated and is now working as a Software Engineer in Washington D.C. In his free time, Gibran likes to listen to inspirational lectures by Western scholars of Islam and explore the world of Maqamaat.

Staff Writers

Aamir Shamsi

Staff Writer | London, England | Literary Pieces

Muhammad Aamir Shamsi is currently a Medical student at Imperial College London. He joined MYM in the summer of 2010 to develop his writing skills, to provide an insight into the incidents that have occurred in his life, and to explore his thoughts that have arisen from such occurences. He hopes he can develop as a Muslim and become a better person in the process inshAllah.


Abid Mohammad

Staff Writer | United Kingdom

When he isn’t procrastinating from studying for his medical degree, trying to clean his room or brooding over Gotham City (Yes, I’m Batman – don’t let Ben Affleck fool you. He’s Alfred), Abid Mohammed is a wannabe writer. Currently residing where the sun doesn’t shine (also known as the UK), if he isn’t penning overly long introductory sentences, he’s trying to make him self and the world around his self better. Want to know more about Abid? I guess you’ll just have to read his articles to find out more!


Adnan Samma

Staff Writer | Florida, USA

When confronted with the identity question, Adnan usually does not know what to respond. Having been born in India, brought up in central Africa and the Middle-East, and currently residing in the United States of America; he tends to consider himself of a multicultural background which he indeed is grateful for. Moving to USA alone for college vividly enhanced his perception of the world and molded his personality for the better. He is currently doing a double major in Economics and International Relations at Florida International University in Miami. An inadvertent stumble upon a delightful person introduced him to the literary realm of Muslim Youth Musings which does not only display Islamic literature but creates a home for its appreciation. Writing for MYM motivates him to compose more literary works and develop his writing skills. Apart from being active in the college organizations he is part of, Adnan loves to get to know people, enjoys reading, studying Islam and other religions, discussing international relations, improving his Arabic, and safeguarding his fluency in Urdu and French.


Alvi Rahman

Staff Writer | New York, USA | Literary Pieces

Born in the bustling borough of Manhattan in New York City, Alvi Rahman has since then moved to Queens at the age of three. His early years at elementary school was plagued by bullying but he has taken the experience as life-changing and has made his life motto to always make others happy in any way possible. He is known to his friends as a very happy person. He is currently a senior at the Bronx High School of Science and is heavily involved in the Muslim Students Association there. It has become his passion and life since freshman year. While he is not doing homework or studying, he is an avid blogger on Tumblr where he goes by the name “adailysmiler”. His mission is to become a neurologist inshaAllah and become associated with the label ‘altruist’. He is also very actively involved in trying to get the Muslim youth more involved in Islam. Truly, Islam is not just a religion but a way of life. This is his creed.


Amal Kamalmaz

Staff Writer | Virginia, USA | Literary Pieces

Born in the UAE, raised in America, and currently living in Abu Dhabi, Amal Kamalmaz is currently a student in the field of Islamic Studies. She seeks to learn the essence of this deen in any possible source available, and is currently working for an educational company in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Among Amal’s hobbies are sports and working with youth. Writing gives Amal the opportunity to influence her peers in Islam in an expressive manner. Her goal is to become a major in the science of Quran, and an influential teacher afterwards Insha’Allah.


Attiya Latif

Staff Writer | Maryland, USA

Attiya Latif is a first-year at the University of Virginia who is hoping to double major in neuroscience and philosophy. She intends to write for the duration of her existence in this life. When she does get a few blessed moments of spare time, she prefers to spend them either writing or poring over any book she can get her hands on. The number of her goals and dreams for the future is enough to rival the stars in the sky, but her greatest wish is to use her passion for writing and generate understanding and peace in a world that is filled with intolerance. A victim of racism and prejudice herself, she feels that it is extremely important to share her voice. Indeed, writing is as essential to life for Attiya as breathing; it is central to who she is and how she expresses herself. MYM was an incredible opportunity for Attiya to share her passion and experiences with other Muslim youth, and to further progress down the road of what she believes to be her greatest calling:  literature.


Anwar Omeish

Staff Writer | Virginia, USA

Anwar Omeish is a high school student at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia. With a dedication sometimes bordering on insanity, she has been a voracious reader and writer since a very young age. In her free time, she obsesses over book series and British TV shows, collects quotes, makes collages, philosophizes, embroiders, travels a lot, exercises her sass (on which she prides herself), obsessively Dewey Decimal organizes her bookshelves, and builds and programs things. She is also a huge fan of politics and social justice (which she says is her favorite thing ever), volunteers for local, statewide, and presidential campaigns, and intends to major in international relations with a focus on human rights and gender equality. She joined Muslim Youth Musings because she loves her religion and loves to write, and can think of no better way through which she can exercise both than MYM.


Aziza Pauff

Staff Writer | Ohio, USA | Literary Pieces

A small town girl with big dreams, Aziza is currently an undergrad pursuing a degree in biology. She is a part-Indian part-European Muslim rediscovering Islam. With a passion for writing and learning more about her faith, she found her niche in MYM. She is excited to be able to write freely about the cherished faith in her heart. Through her writing, she hopes to inspire not only Muslims, but non-Muslims alike. She firmly believes that we have all have a part to play in making the world we live in a better place. She also believes that if every human being were to read and seek to understand the Quran (the best piece of literature in the universe), many of our problems could be solved. Aziza also enjoys reading, being surrounded by people (and cats), marveling at the innocence of children, and spending time with her family, friends, and cats, Penny and Newark. With Allah’s help and the encouragement of her beloved parents and aunts, she hopes that her dreams will eventually become realities.


Aysha Khan

Staff Writer | Maryland, USA | Literary Pieces

Aysha Khan is a high school senior in the suburbs of Baltimore, where she is editor-in-chief and a designer for her student newspaper. She plans to continue studying journalism and statistics in college. A Strunk & White-adherent slacktivist with a penchant for literature and politics, she hates two things: fluff and senseless compliance to dogma. Aysha recognizes the need for more young Muslim voices, the need for peace, and the need for a united Ummah, all of which she believes MYM is instrumental towards.


Aysha Samjoo

Staff Writer | Texas, USA | Literary Pieces

Aysha Samjoo is an active member of her community in Dallas, TX and is currently a senior at the University of Texas at Dallas double majoring in psychology and child learning & development. She loves people and connecting with others. Although Aysha loves to write in all different styles of literature, her most favorite form of writing is poetry. She writes passionately, expressing her love for Islam in hopes of touching other’s hearts to help herself and others realize the blessings and beauty of the deen. Aysha feels that writing is her way of letting out her inner most thoughts and feelings through symbolism and deep meaning. Aysha certainly loves to let the reader travel in her shoes, to see life through her perception. She dwells in many other activities as well that allow her to use her imagination and compassion for art and humankind, like DIY projects, drawing, painting, volunteering and baking; pretty much anything that involves challenge, teamwork and most importantly creativity. Aysha came to know of MYM through a friend who encouraged her to express her creativity so that all can hear. She quickly took the opportunity into consideration to fulfill her desire to connect with others through her writing.


Basiratulann Shahid

Staff Writer | Manchester, United Kingdom | Literary Pieces

Basiratulann Shahid was born in Manchester, Great Britain but her nationality is Pakistani. She has always wanted to be a writer since she can remember and would love to publish a few novels. Around four years ago, she realised that she also wanted to be a poet after a spontaneous experience in the art room, in which a poem suddenly came flowing from her pencil. Since then, she has maintained writing poetry as one of her main hobbies and usually incorporates the beauty of nature into her poetry. She joined MYM after her sister suggested the website to her and felt that this was the perfect environment for her to endorse herself in. She loves the fact that MYM is a place of increasing her knowledge about Islam and reading other brothers’ and sisters’ literature. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and has a passion for photography and learning languages.


Binth Niwas

Staff Writer | Mawanella, Sri Lanka

Hailing from the beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka, Binth Niwas is a young writer. After completing school in 2010, at present she is a student of English, Sociology and Psychology, in University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. She envisions for a peaceful world through Islam and believes her role towards it is, to reach for the hearts through her pen and voice. She is also actively involved in socio-educational programs aimed to empower girls around her, through motivational discussions and presentations. She writes for an Islamic monthly magazine “The Trend” that is based in Sri Lanka. She is one of the admins of the facebook page “IiWords” which promotes Islamic literature. IiWords was one of the major igniter of the writer in her. By a friend’s suggestion she decided to apply for MYM impressed by the deep Islamic literature available for readers in this website. Being a vivid reader, particularly of classic novels she enjoys every genre of literature. Also she was inspired to love reading by J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series in her early teens. An ardent lover of nature and nature framing the beauty in photography which inspires her in her writings.


Fatih Seferagic

Staff Writer | Texas, USA | Literary Pieces

Fatih Seferagic was born in Germany but his nationality is Bosnian. He moved to the United States when he was four, and has been living there ever since. He lived in Arizona for three to four years before moving to Maryland. He lived in Maryland for seven years, and did most of his growing up in Baltimore. It was in Baltimore that he joined a Hifzh school to memorize the Quran. He started memorizing the Qur’an when he was nine, and completed the memorization in three years, when he was twelve. He continued to stay in the class after he finished for two years before leaving to study Riwayaat and to strengthen his Quran even further. In 2010, he was accepted into the Bayyinah Dream Program. He has been studying Arabic at Bayyinah Dream ever since September 2010. He’s currently the youth leader at Shaykh Yasir Birjas’s Masjid in Dallas, TX. He decided to join MYM out of his love for working with youth. Being a youth himself, he knows a lot of the problems that youth face on a daily basis, so this is a very good way for him to share advice, and any other pieces of information that might help the youth of today. On the side, he enjoys writing, reading, gaming, learning languages, philosophy, psychology, and languages.


Hajrah Khan

Staff Writer | Lahore, Pakistan

A mother, wife, teacher, and student, Hajrah Khan has best understood the world through words. That could be the words of a poem she read once-upon-a-time, a play she might be teaching to her students, a hadith she could be studying, or the words of the Glorious Book which always speak to her with a refreshing resonance. She began writing as an amateur poet during her high school days at Lahore Grammar School, and then experimented with prose and academic writing during her days at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Now her writing has become a hybrid of poetry and prose, morality and spirituality, literature and philosophy – the focus of her Social Sciences major at LUMS – and what she has seen through the lens of life so far. Being a literature teacher at a private school in Lahore, she enjoys making her students connect to spiritual aspects of their lives by looking at the moral and spiritual meaning found not just in literary texts, but in the world that speaks to them outside of the classroom. Hajrah feels that it is essential to connect to your spiritual self, then to faith, then to God and then, ultimately to Islam – the deen of our fitrah. Through MYM, she hopes to achieve just that for herself and for those who would read her written word.


Hannan Ouyoun

Staff Writer | Illinois, USA | Literary Pieces

Hannan Ouyoun is currently an online homeschooling high school junior in Chicago, Illinois. She hails from an odd family of eight consisting of five girls and one boy. Outside of  MYM, Hannan enjoys an expansive array of sports including karate and basketball. She may live in Illinois, but you’ll have a better chance of running into her anywhere there’s an AlMaghrib class. Hannan and her family spend almost every weekend somewhere out of state immersing themselves in the study of Islam. She writes for MYM as a means of fulfilling the rights of the knowledge she seeks upon her. Encouraged by her incredible parents, she has finally built up the courage to share what knowledge she has accumulated, alhamdulillah. May Allah, the All-Knowing, accept.


Jasim Malik

Staff Writer | London, England

An undergraduate student at the London School of Economics, Jasim aspires to help the Ummah in whatever way he can with the skills and experiences he takes from university. He takes a keen interest in international affairs and politics, as well as being fascinated by macro-economics. In light of recent events, Jasim feels most strongly about opposing oppression and helping the less fortunate. He joined MYM in order to practise articulating his reflections to the benefit of other like- minded young Muslims. In addition to MYM, Jasim helps run a blog committed to encouraging the youth back to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) called ‘The Sunnah Style’, and hopes to encourage other youth towards the true path through his writings and actions.


Jihan Anwar

Staff Writer | Sana’a, Yemen | Literary Pieces

Jihan is a sister that has set her mind to change the world. In the meanwhile, she’s studying to get a BA in MIS and working for the National Yemen newspaper. She enjoys getting in touch with different cultures and an intellectual curiosity prompts her to seek knowledge in different fields.


Mahnoor Samana

Staff Writer | Texas, USA | Literary Pieces

Mahnoor is a student at the University of Houston Honors College. Pursuing a minor in creative works, she is determined to make writing her lifelong passion. Involved in a variety of slam teams and spoken word events, her experience for poetry ranges from competitions to heart-felt pieces. Mahnoor is a personal blogger as well as a writer for other inspirational blogs. She is a photographer for The Daily Cougar and very much enjoys every form of art, “for it is the way we tell stories”, she believes. Mahnoor considers herself a dreamer, always aspiring to take it to the next level and to keep pursuing. A hearty volunteer, intellectual thinker and a girl of many words, she desperately hopes she can influence lives one day.


Mariam Al-Kalby

Staff Writer | California, USA | Literary Pieces

Mariam Al-Kalby is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach and received her B.A. in English Education and Creative Writing. Writing is essential for communication and she is a strong advocate for this. Her world revolves around the simple things in this dunya and tries to capture it within her writing. Mariam wants to share her knowledge and experience with others with beneficial and inspiring works. By joining MYM, she wanted to participate in something that would strengthen the Ummah. She is the founder of “The Prophet Says” Series, children’s books inspired by ahadith and just has published through Prolance, The Apple Tree, the first in the series. She is currently working on a children’s poem for publication.


Mariam Qureishi

Staff Writer | Maryland, USA

Mariam is an undergraduate student at Towson University studying Physics and Electrical Engineering. When she’s not going crazy playing with facts and figures in her head, she tutors children at a private tutoring center. If she ever is lucky enough to have some free time, she prefers seeing her humungous extended family or enriching her soul with worthy knowledge. MYM is a light of hope for her that she might be able to dispel her thoughts in an orderly fashion.


Maryam Ahmed

Staff Writer | Texas, USA | Literary Pieces

A fourteen year-old home-schooled high school sophomore, Maryam Ahmed loves learning new things about the world and has an obsession with dictionaries. In her spare time, she can be found zip-lining over Texas Hill Country, or volunteering at local organizations. She also runs Tie-Dye Teens, an organization dedicated to empowering youth to positively impact the world, and is president of the first virtual MSA. She finished her hifdh at IQA in Dallas, Texas when she was a seventh grader, and it is her goal to encourage youth to make the Quran a part of their daily lives. She hopes to benefit from MYM by strengthening her writing skills and reaching out to Muslim youth like herself.


Mehraj Hassan

Staff Writer | England, UK

Mehraj lives in the eventful town of Luton, England. He is an undergraduate student at Cass Business School, but also strives to learn about other things too, like programming, islamic history and making mint chutney. He likes to travel and meet new people whenever he can. Spending most of his high school years in Saudi Arabia, he has gained a taste for arabic food. Mehraj also plays football and cricket in his spare time, but him and his brothers sometimes like to create their own game (often a mix between the two). Writing has always been a favorite pastime for Mehraj, as well as an especially powerful tool for learning. He loves to learn more about his faith, Islam, to study its basic texts and to work towards the reunification of its people. Being a Staff Writer at MYM has allowed him to combine his efforts in both while making a positive contribution to the Ummah.


Meryam Khan

Staff Writer | Maryland, USA | Literary Pieces

On the outside, Maryam is just an ordinary girl currently homeschooling, but her dreams are big. She is hoping to become an inspirational author for young adults, insha’Allah. Not only is Maryam striving to become an author, she is also interested in becoming a linguist, an ethnic chef, and a nutritionist. Many people are intimidated by her, as she is very strict on health and food choices. She loves to embrace her tomboy side once in a while, and enjoys playing with her pets and taking unexpected road trips with her family. She’s currently a student from ICL (Institute of Childrens Literature). Being a former Al-Huda student has taken Maryam on a self-journey where she came to realize herself, the purpose of life and the importance of this deen. Being a part of MYM will allow her to convey all her experiences and reflections she has made with the Muslim youth.


Muhammad Xhemali

Staff Writer | Massachusetts, USA

Muhammad Xhemali is a sophomore in college at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston. He was born in Albania and came to the States at the age of 5 with his family and has been living in Massachusetts ever since. Recently he completed the Bayyinah Dream program in Dallas and is now back in college. He is also a youth coordinator for Young Muslims for the Worcester branch.


Muhtasham Sifaat

Staff Writer | New York, USA | Literary Pieces | Contact

A Bangladeshi descent from the sakura trees of Japan, the golden prairies of Iowa, and the windy days of Chicago, Muhtasham Sifaat currently lives in New York City as a student of William E. Macaulay Honors College at the City University of New York. He found his passion for writing at the Bronx High School of Science and took this practice as a discipline for fruitful reflection and self-expression. Alhamdulillah, Sifaat was able to develop his writing through numerous competitions such as the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST) and with irreplaceable support from his friends and family. He intends to write for MYM to better himself as a Muslim and as a writer, inshaAllah. Besides writing, Sifaat likes to draw, take afternoon walks, and practice martial arts/wrestling. He is a disciple of Hoshinkido Hapkido, a Korean martial art, which he practices alongside Taekwondo during his free time.


Munira Akhter

Artist | Virginia, USA

Munira was born in Ohio and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She currently studies at George Mason University, majoring in Arts and Visual Tech. She is an all around artist with interests in all types of media from traditional to digital. She will never stop trying to expand her artistic skill. She illustrates comics and children books in her spare time. Her goal is for her art to capture at least some of the artistic essence of Islam. Her sister introduced her to MYM and she hopes that sharing her work with the global Muslim community will be an unforgettable experience.


Nadia Farooqi

Staff Writer | Texas, USA | Literary Pieces

Nadia is currently studying Pharmacy at the University of Houston. She has a heart of kindness and love for everyone to take and share. Nadia enjoys meeting new people and spending time with her cherished ones. You’ll find her frequently hugging random hijjabis and coping with a handful of people here and there to get acquainted with many Muslims and non-Muslims. Allah gifted her with this need and passion of aiding others, in all cases, as much as possible. Her time goes out to her family, Islam, sketching, writing, and a lot of volunteering. Currently, she is holding a position with Crescent Youth, a non-profit organization, as a sisters coordinator, reaching out to youth as much as she can by creating new projects and events. She is also an enrichment teacher for Amaanah Refugee services, also a non profit organization in the goal of helping refugee families. Nadia has many goals in life and she wants her voice to be heard through her writings, for people to feel and understand certain situations, to help someone in a different state or country reading it. For this reason, she joined MYM and is excited to write for them, for one article can make a difference to any reader. She perceives whats happening around her; her surrounding, environment, masjlis, ummah and believes that one day, she’ll be able to make many changes and differences in someones life.


Omama Altaleb

Staff Writer | Virginia, USA

Omama Altaleb was born and raised in Northern Virginia. She speaks English, Arabic, and studied five consecutive years of Spanish. From 2010 to 2011, Omama was the Student Life editor as well as the layout and design editor for her high school newspaper, The Roar. Omama received a Hall of Fame Plaque for her positive attitude, leadership and volunteerism from Potomac Falls High School in June 2011. Omama Altaleb served as program chair of the Washington D.C. chapter for the Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA) from September 2011 until January 2012. In addition, she has been an adviser for the ADAMS Girls Youth Group since January of 2012. She is currently a rising sophomore at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She is studying Communications with a concentration in Journalism. In addition to her academic studies, Omama is an intern at the Arab Studies Institute in Fairfax, VA. Omama is the president of the Middle East Film Club (MEtc.) at George Mason University. She received the Freshman Academic Achievement award in the 2012 Spring Semester. She was also recognized by the American News Women’s Club as an aspiring female journalist in June 2012. She is also serving as a copy editor for the ADAMS Youth Newsletter. Omama’s article, “Conference Reveals Engaged Muslim Youth in America” was published in June 2012 on the website. She joined Muslim Youth Musings because she thinks that it is very important that Muslim youth have a chance to express themselves, feelings, and thoughts through writing.


Raadia Khan

Staff Writer | Maryland, USA | Literary Pieces

Raadia is a college student on the east coast of the states,  who often finds herself appreciating the wide variety of people the world has to offer. Having gone on Umrah, she constantly misses everything about it.  She loves how Islam outlined basic fundamentals of life from the very beginning. MYM provides her with an opportunity to connect with other Muslim youth and learn from them. During her free time, Raadia reads, watches TED talks in awe, and makes to-do lists that she never quite get around to completing.


Raakin Hossain

Staff Writer | California, USA | Literary Pieces

Born and raised in Orange County, Southern California, Raakin Hossain is far from the average teenager. He considers himself an adventurous fellow, but not in the sense that he would bungee jump off the Empire State Building in New York or wrestle Bengal tigers in India. Adventure for Raakin is refraining from chocolate during his short-lived diet goals and resisting from the many temptations of this world. Liberated from the Engineering and Medicine Syndrome (EMS), he is currently majoring in the field of Economics. Only through the Infinite Mercy of Allah, the tireless efforts of his mother, and sacrifices of his father, Raakin completed the memorization of the Qur’an at the age of 15. On his free time, Raakin loves to read, write, and develop websites for his organization, the Jannah Network. Stumbling upon MYM on Facebook, Raakin joined the team in hope to better his skills in communication, professionalism, and writing.


Ruqaiyya Maryam

Staff Writer | United Kingdom | Literary Pieces

Born and raised in the UK, Ruqaiyya Maryam shares a roof with a mother who is obsessed with organic eggs and a father who loves to spend his time on eBay. She is currently doing a degree in Social Sciences, finding a cure to her OCSD (Obsessive Compulsive Shoe Disorder) and writing her first novel. She loves photography, is hopeless at cooking and gets her sleeves stuck in door handles (don’t ask!). She is a part of MYM as she wants to reach out to the Muslim Youth of today through her writing and experiences and of course play a tiny part in spreading this beautiful deen of ours.


Saiema Alam

Staff Writer | New York, USA | Literary Pieces

Saiema Alam is a high school student who will be starting college next year, Insha’Allah. On the weekends, she can be found in the masjid with her students creating camels out of yarn, coloring pictures of arks, gluing together wudu books, and teaching the Stories of the Prophets. In her free time, she enjoys reading anything that she can find, crocheting toys for her nephew, trying new pizza recipes, and of course, writing! She is excited for this new chapter in her life as she writes for MYM and finds the Islamic perspective in seemingly ordinary life events.


Saba Nasir

Staff Writer | Doha, Qatar | Literary Pieces

Experiencing the scorching heat of summer and loving the cold breeze of the starry Arabian nights, Saba, an Indian by origin, spent most part of her life in the UAE. She completed her schooling in GEMS education, moving into a university in Ajman as a student of Islamic Studies. She moved to Qatar with her family in 2011 and is now continuing her studies at Islamic Online University. An insomniac; half of her nights are spent thinking about petty issues of the day and reflecting upon life only to be struck by realizations that eventually show up in her writings. She yearns to see a change in herself, a change for the better; to live life solely seeking the pleasure of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. By the Grace of Allah, she stumbled upon MYM one fine morning. When the webpage loaded on the screen of her laptop for the first time, she was mesmerized by the fact that Muslim youth from all over the world united as a team to muse mankind by sprinkling the magic dust of inspiration. Being a part of MYM now, she’s looking forward to sharing her thoughts with the world, in an attempt to contribute the little that she can in the way of Allah SWT.


Sara Bawany

Staff Writer | Texas, USA | Literary Pieces

Once referred to as a “40-year old trapped in a teenage body” and a “Renaissance woman,” Sara Bawany can humbly testify that she has dabbled in many different fields relating to careers, organizations, and Islam. An obsessive baker (and eater), a varsity tennis player, and a Lincoln-Douglas debate veteran, Sara enjoys immersing herself in different activities aside from studying diligently to achieve her goal of becoming a surgeon. Having attended 11 schools in her life from Ohio and Texas to California and Florida, she is a prospective student at a 4-year university next year InshaAllah. Aside from school, she is the Vice President of Muslim Student Association and an active member of her local youth group. Sara rejoices at every opportunity to extend a hand out to the Muslim youth along with anyone in need of a little guidance, moral support, or friend. She is a busy girl what with trying to finish up her senior year dually with her Associate’s degree, but in her spare time, she volunteers excessively, independently studies the Qur’an, and when time permits, has random panic attacks about the future. Sara joined MYM because she strives to be a part of the growing movement in Islamic literature, as well as work with her passion for writing and for Islam. She believes that high emotions and extreme tension are best relieved through writing and she hopes to be able to channel her own feelings into amazing pieces for youth across the world to muse over.


Sarah Saeedah

Staff Writer | Arizona, USA | Literary Pieces

Sarah Saeedah is, in three words, happy, blessed, and most of all, Muslim. Although she spent most of her childhood in the sparsely populated but lush and green Arkansas, Sarah reluctantly moved to the brown, bustling Arizona in 2006 and is now wavering between majors in her first year at Arizona State University. Sarah enjoys being commonly mistaken for different ethnicities, hearing brilliant Muslim speakers, consuming strawberries and tangy sour ribbons, reflecting on Dawud Wharnsby’s poetry, concocting desserts, reading, reading, and a little more reading, running programs for her alma mater Islamic high school, doing henna, soaking in rain, and dreaming positively about the bright, happy future of the global Muslim community. Sarah has served as Editor for her high school newsletter and blog, and assistant editor for both the newsletters of the Islamic Social Services Association, USA and CAIR’s Arizona chapter. Sarah joined MYM primarily because she was intrigued by the idea of a community of Muslim youth writers across the country, as well as in order to preserve and reflect on her experiences growing up as an American Muslim. Please keep her in your dua’as as Sarah’s most fervent dream – (ehem, goal) – is to attend the Bayyinah Institute’s Dream program in order to learn traditional Arabic.



Staff Writer | Virginia, USA | Literary Pieces

Shahin is a college student working towards obtaining her B.A. in English and a student of AlMaghrib Institute working towards getting a B.A. in Islamic Studies. She enjoys reading Islamic books and articles in her free time. Shahin is a novice writer, an active blogger, a devoted self-proclaimed foodie, an amateur cook and a dedicated student of knowledge. Her biggest joy in life is related to school, the place where she met the best teachers, formed a deep attachment to, and later wants to return to as a teacher, inshaAllah.


Sherine Soliman

Staff Writer | Ontario, Canada

Sherine was born in Alexandria, Egypt, sixteen years ago. Today, she lives in Mississauga, Ontario and enjoys playing basketball, cricket, and reading on her front porch. When she was younger, she used to run barefoot through the house, leaving behind her a chaotic maze of overturned chairs, ribbons, and candy wrappers. One minute she was a warrior, howling battle cries and raising her sword to the sky. In an instant, she became a pirate, a monkey, a clown, a ballerina. Sherine fell in love with the freedom to imagine, to express. As she grew older, she found this very same love in writing. Words consumed her. She began painting pictures with words, paintings that could only be seen by the mind and felt by the heart. Her passion for writing was born of storytelling. She loved sitting by her mother’s feet, entranced as she read her stories of the Companions (may Allah be pleased with them). Words give Sherine a voice, a means through which she can reach out and plant a picture in someone’s mind. These pictures she evokes are meant to empower, to strengthen, to inspire change. When all is done and gone, she hopes people will remember her pictures as canvases reverberating with the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him): “What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of a human being, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the wrongs of the injured.”



Staff Writer | Ontario, Canada

A student, teacher and wanderer; Siman is finishing up her degree at the University of Ottawa, specializing in English Literature and minoring in Environmental Studies. She has a passion for the outdoors, for Qur’aan and of course for poetry. By writing for Muslim Youth Musings, she hopes to share a part of herself through her poetry. She hopes to not only benefit the readers, but bring about a different flair of expression through her writings, wa billahi Tawfeeq.


Sumaira Ahammed

Staff Writer | New York, USA | Literary Pieces

Born as a New Yorker and always a New Yorker, Sumaira is known to be the “city girl” who will never survive in the countryside. She is on the never-ending pursuit of trying to please Almighty Allah, and be among the strongest believers of Islamic monotheism that He would be proud of. She is passionate about loving her dear friends and family as well as being bluntly honest with people, and telling it like it is. Creating extended metaphors are her forte, and she often finds a way to personify inanimate objects in her writing. Sumaira joined MYM in order to be a part of a community of people who absolutely adore to write and enjoy writing for others. A community where writers connect their inner creativity with the worship and love for their Rabb, it is another one of many places to grow spiritually.


Sumaiyah Khan

Staff Writer | Maryland, USA | Literary Pieces

Sumaiyah is a high school student at Al-Huda School who joined MYM to exercise her writing skills and broaden her horizons. She loves to laugh, and lemonade puts her in a bit of a silly mood. In her free time, you can find her with a book and a cup of tea, or on her laptop, surfing the web. She also enjoys long walks by herself, or with her sister. In the future, she hopes to accomplish architectural feats and study journalism.


Tayyab Khokhar

Staff Writer | Queensland, Australia

Originally from Pakistan but having grown up in Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Australia, Tayyab is studying electrical and Biomedical engineering at the University of Queensland in Australia. After completing high school in 2011, he spent some time at Darul Uloom Zakariyya in South Africa doing his hifdh, soon completing his hifdh in Australia. An avid reader and writer, Tayyab prefers to focus on historical topics, current affairs and politics although he certainly doesn’t mind dabbling into an occasional short story. He joined MYM to contribute to Muslim youth and benefit as much as possible from the other writers, insha’Allah.



Staff Writer | Alberta, Canada | Literary Pieces

Zainub can usually be found thawing out in front of her fireplace in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where temperatures often dip as low as -30° C. When not defrosting, she can be located in the University of Calgary library with furrowed brow, trying to understand convoluted literary theories in efforts to earn her degree in English. Zainub is fascinated by the rich tradition of Islamic literature by the likes of Ibn Battuta and Imam Al-Ghazali. She’s part of MYM because she sees the group as a humble and modern expression of the same fire that motivated these great thinkers. She also contributes articles to I Got It Covered, a website devoted to women’s modesty. In her spare time she loves to travel, practice her photography and play with her two cats Mowgli and Lola.


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