There Were Four

Written by Arif Kabir, Fatimah Waseem, Muhtasham Sifaat, and Sabera Akhter. At the break of dawn must four song sparrows learn to fly, So at the highest tree of their marsh, a plan they devise, That three would stay low to catch the one that climbs high. By the roots they stay, while on a branch, she wonders why The tiniest of the four shall be the first to greet the sky. She chirps a song of faith, seeking courage through her cry: “Let me glide, oh Lord of...


Qualities of a Hafidh

“Come in”, Shaykh Haroon Baqai said. I walked in slowly, shaking from head to toe. I had only applied for the Hifzh School a few days ago, and now I found myself entering his office for a scheduled interview. Alhamdulillah, it went smooth and after answering a few questions and memorizing an Ayah from Surah Saad and reciting it to him, the interview came to a close and I quickly sprinted out of the office in relief. By the grace of Allah, I was accepted. For the next few...