The Ephemeral

I used to be perfect: Untouched, unblemished, undisturbed. Yes, I was beautiful before you Came and changed me. You seem to forget that I was made for you But you were never made for me. You broke me The rain leaked Down. You started this. You sent wire missiles, bullets of bricks, Glass armies, cavalries of concrete . And you say that I am yours. The angels are healing me at dawn. While you sleep, I lie awake And remember what I was. Perfect were the days before you,...


Send Me to the Planetarium

As a young girl, I developed an overzealous fascination with outer space. The balance of the blazing stars astounded me – especially as they contrasted against the composed and appeasing moon. When I was ten years old, my mother gifted me with a miniature telescope which I treasured whole-heartedly. I loved everything about it: its fluorescent yellow coloring and accented lines of charcoal grey, its accompanying encyclopedia containing pages and pages decorated with the images of constellations that I one day hoped to locate, but most of all that...