Flicker of Hope

Numbness overcomes me once I finally see That I beg for a savior, but it is in vain that I plea. Storm clouds enshroud the sunrise As we commence the unveiling of lies. The pleasure some find in others’ pain Is a cruelty by which the pretentious kings reign. It is through the darkness of deceit, I perceive, That they speak articulately, but only to deceive. Anguish makes my throat constricted; Let this be the last time our hearts are conflicted. As the universe comes crashing to the ground,...


Morning After Mourning

A quiet appeal, whispering, waking, Attempting to relieve the self-inflicted aching, Heavy with sleeplessness, I reject any reckoning, Of my conscience, beckoning, beckoning, beckoning. But the attempts of the devil to leave me immobilized Are weaker than the guilt that has me hypnotized, And in that split second, I open my eyes. My soul kindles a flame, summons me to follow, Says, “Leave not the grieving for tomorrow.” The blanket of stars, ever luminescent, I am brought under, By the destroyer of pleasures that wakes me from slumber. I...