Bee In My Hijab

It was that time of the year when the school decides to reward attendance with two weeks of exams. An optimist would say, “at least they gave us study leave” but not me, since any attempt at being positive typically gets squashed like a fruit fly. We line up outside the hall with our see-through pencil cases and our label-less water bottles. My classmates frantically try to recite equations and facts without their physics revision notes at hand. I gaze out of the window and begin daydreaming. I recall...


One Way

A lot of people have exams coming up. During one of my Arabic Classes, one student asked the teacher to cancel next week’s class because of she needed to study to get a perfect grade. When we want something, like an A on our exam, or a new electronic, or to win in this competition, we always have a plan to help us make our way towards that goal. We might study, work to raise money, practice and so on. We know for a fact that sitting around and dreaming...