Don’t Inform Me

This is a rant. This is a rant of a young man angry at the age he lives in. In this anger, there is not harshness; rather it is an anger of understanding. An understanding of the age that I live in. And the age that I live in is the age of information. Information blasts our eardrums, stimulates our pupils, and invades our brains each second of our days. Dazed, we take in all we can from each screen presented to us: the TVs and the PCs, the...


An Unstoppable Murder

Reading the Washington Post, I came across a first page article that really struck me; it was basically about an Amtrak engineer who had watched a dozen suicides happen in front of his eyes over the course of twenty years. People would be sitting in the middle of train tracks just waiting to be hit, and the train engineers would not be able to deter the person with their frantic horn blasts and their attempts to brake the 75-mph train. As I read through the article, I was wonderstruck...