Medicine for the Soul: Part I

Somehow, I make it over to the window on the other side of my small dormitory room and push the door open. I am sweating. My heart is pounding. My strength fails me and my body suddenly has no sense of stability. Down, deep down, I fall into a crumpled heap. I stare at the ceiling fan as it rotates endlessly. My mind is spinning, aching, and throbbing. The breeze drifts in through the open window, playing with the curtains and mingling with the sweat on my forehead. My...


Basket of Moonlight

I was no longer sure about the time of day. Not a ray of sunlight was apparent to signify the morning, nor was there a sliver of moonlight to signify the night. All I was certain about was the opacity that engulfed the atmosphere I was trudging through. The air felt moist against my forehead as I blindly roamed on, and made me wonder if I was passing through a dark, dense fog. I wandered and wandered. The surface beneath my feet was rough and uneven. At one point...