Hearts of Gold

It gives a new meaning to time, This annual beauty, manifestly sublime That transforms minds, purifies souls, And turns rusty hearts into shining gold. In subduing the animalistic, We may see the truth of the materialistic. From light to light do we refrain, A different nourishment do we long to obtain. What, then, is the matter with me? I cry out in desperation and agony Like a castaway, trying not to drown In the waves of failure and fear that surround. So my chipped gold, unmet goals, Even my...


The Finish Line

Tasks and assignments piled high Due dates and deadlines on the rise Not a moment to stop, to think of life I race through my time: The days just pass me by, The weekends are a blur– Weekdays even more. I drown in my time: I am drifting far away. There is no time– I feel To make dua’a and pray. My prayers are like exercise– No longer do I value The meaning of sujood, The meaning of khushu’. I sink through my time: Reciting Quran mindlessly, Chanting istighfar...


The ABC’s of this Ramadan

As Muslim youth, Ramadan rolls around every year, and it means certain things to each of us. For some, it means being able to go to the Masjid more often. For others, our families come together, and for some, it means a much needed diet. However, it seems that as each year passes, it isn’t able to affect us to a point where we try to change ourselves personally to an extent that this change might last past these thirty days. In a lot of our minds, Ramadan is...