My Heart Seeks

I walk not knowing where I am headed, What lies in front of me, what path I’ve treaded. Lost in the midst of a jungle, blinded by lush trees, The thorns prick my feet, causing them to bleed. Shall I detour from the trees to see what lies ahead of me? Or shall I take a different path, and from this jungle be freed? Or should I make for myself shoes to walk within it safely– Shoes with soles of patience and heals of piety? Should I walk alone...


Atheism Nearly Cost Me My Life

Imagine being hunted. You cannot see your attacker, but you know that the attacker will catch up with you. So you run anyway. Run. You reach a crossroads, and you do not know which road to take. You pick any; it does not matter to you, because the attacker will catch up with you. At some point, you slow down, and you forget about the attacker. But then, later, you’ll remember the chase. And you’ll keep running, and running, and running. Until you are so tired that you do...