Holidays or Holy Days?

I once read someone’s musings on happiness, and it gave me a much more active perspective on the emotion. The writer mentioned that he felt sad even during happy times because he realized that the time would soon end, that his smile would not last forever. I realized that I had the same feeling sometimes, but I didn’t know how to put it into words. I then started thinking about the feeling of happiness itself and how we try to maintain the feeling, if at all. Holidays and vacations...


Inner Inferno

A blank page stared at me from the monitor. Thoughts pounded as they raced to put words together. Twenty-six little building blocks were set to construct, but the alphabet refused to fall in place for a blasted paper. I smacked the keyboard and buried my face in my sweaty hands. I wanted to smoke. I directed myself away from the thought, lifting my head as I took a deep breath. I had promised to quit. After attending a few Islamic conferences, listening to various CDs, and spending time at...