Queen, Jacks, Hearts, and Spades

Queen, Jacks, Hearts, and Spades, My personality fades, In a world where exploitation is the exposition for every living respiration. A world where in desperation, no man does speak his self truths, A world where one wrong move could make you lose this competition, Fame and fortune is the only designation. And as I still walk down those school hallways From personal experience one of these days It’s not the clothes I wear, It may be my act. Or maybe what I wear on my head The fact that...


Letting Things Go For Allah

I was inspired to write this earlier today when a friend of mine asked me for advice: “I just cannot stop listening to music…I want to, but it’s too hard!” This is something we’ve all probably said to ourselves, or listened to others say. Whether the issue at hand is music or something else, we have a hard time letting go of the things that we hold dear in our hearts. There is a burning fire in some of us that makes us want to let go and change,...