The Final Appointment

Being informed of my upcoming dentist appointment brought numerous, rather unpleasant memories back to me. I remembered drilling and pain. I don’t have a great history with these doctors of terror. My fear of them has kept me away from a dentist’s office for more than five years. But I suppose the pains and aches I have suffered from recently are only the fault of one person: me. So, I woke up this morning with the knowledge that today I would have to face agony that I had winced...


The Taste of Death

What if your day had arrived? Imagine if your entire life was a lie. Assess yourself as your sins flash by; You’re wasting your youth and you don’t know why. Tears flow, but there’s no time left to cry – You’ve got one last breath, one last sigh. The Angel of Death has come too soon; He snatches your soul with a startling boom. In an instant, you know that you are doomed. “Kullu nafsin dhaa iqatul maut. Thumma ilayna tur ja’oon.” He warned you, He warned you; did...


How To Perform Repentance (Part 1)

Just recently, I was asked about a topic known to all Muslims. However, in our daily lives, we tend to many times forget about this issue. In terms of practicality, we seem to forget how preposterously simple this act is and how we should really be doing it more often. Therefore, I decided to discuss it here in my article. I was asked, “How does one exactly perform Tawbah (the Arabic word for “repentance”)?” Is it a very difficult and long process where one has to go to an Imam...