So You Think I’m Immodest?

The whole day had simply been concocting the ingredients for a famous dish, fiasco. I’d woken up for Fajr dreading getting dressed, because today’s dress code was to wear jeans and a t-shirt. How I could wear that modestly mystified me. I sighed and finally pulled on a long formal dress shirt that went just past my knees first, and then put the giant casual gray T-shirt on top. When they had asked me for a size, I’d gotten the biggest shirt they had. The other girls, debating whether...


Bee In My Hijab

It was that time of the year when the school decides to reward attendance with two weeks of exams. An optimist would say, “at least they gave us study leave” but not me, since any attempt at being positive typically gets squashed like a fruit fly. We line up outside the hall with our see-through pencil cases and our label-less water bottles. My classmates frantically try to recite equations and facts without their physics revision notes at hand. I gaze out of the window and begin daydreaming. I recall...


A Hijabi’s Unique Recession

Summer. It’s that time of year when teenagers clamber out of their homes and hunt for that perfect summer job. Especially with the recession taking its toll, many are left looking for work like never before. Interestingly, many teens cite that they work in this odd world of labor not only to have more money in their pockets, but also to instill early life lessons that can really add up to assist them in their later life. It was this that got me thinking: ‘Is it possible that other early life...