Black Holes and Sunrises

The dark blue fortified a foreign feeling, An enigmatic emotion that was not ready to testify. ‘Twas like ink submerging in the celestial ceiling. I verify the color that swept the surface of this sky. What may be declared of that which is not understood From the depths of a space that cannot be reached? A hollowing darkness where light never stood An engulfing entity that cannot be beseeched. Why do you attempt to achieve another galaxy? Distraught, then taught, of this universe’s plea Whilst surviving an existing fallacy...


Breeze of Redemption

On the hard ground she lay, A thing forgotten, left to decay, Her chest heaving up and down, Her heart beating, but she could hear no sound. A tear slid down ever so slowly, Never before had she felt so lonely. Doomed to fall within the folds of the earth, An embodiment of the clay she was before birth. She was alive, but barely hanging on, Inside she was hollow, her faith long gone, Tainted by the poison of ignorance, Her face long stripped of faith’s radiance. She knew...


Haunting Sins

I wonder how you get to sleep at night. I wonder how could you possibly just close your eyes and shut the tall thick wooden doors on the world. Shut it out completely. Erase it from your mind. I wonder if you lie there staring at the ceiling, like normal people do, countless thoughts sprinting through your mind. Or does the intense burden of your sins exhaust you and you fall into a painless oblivion. Unaware and unconscious. You see, for me my sins keep me awake. They haunt...