Hearts of Gold

It gives a new meaning to time, This annual beauty, manifestly sublime That transforms minds, purifies souls, And turns rusty hearts into shining gold. In subduing the animalistic, We may see the truth of the materialistic. From light to light do we refrain, A different nourishment do we long to obtain. What, then, is the matter with me? I cry out in desperation and agony Like a castaway, trying not to drown In the waves of failure and fear that surround. So my chipped gold, unmet goals, Even my...


Basket of Moonlight

I was no longer sure about the time of day. Not a ray of sunlight was apparent to signify the morning, nor was there a sliver of moonlight to signify the night. All I was certain about was the opacity that engulfed the atmosphere I was trudging through. The air felt moist against my forehead as I blindly roamed on, and made me wonder if I was passing through a dark, dense fog. I wandered and wandered. The surface beneath my feet was rough and uneven. At one point...


The Six Hues of Hayaa’

Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Faith or belief consists of more than sixty branches or parts, and Hayaa’ is a part of faith”. There is no true English definition of the word ‘Hayaa’’ but the closest one can get to it is shame, modesty, and bashfulness. Hayaa’ is an essential characteristic of a Muslim; it must be obtained in order to attain faith as they come together as a pair: Abdullah ibn Umar...