What is a Good Deed?

We go about our lives performing good and charitable acts whether they are listening to our parents, getting homework done on time, giving donations, or helping our friends. Some people do good deeds because they have a good-natured soul, some for reputation, and others for the reward and pleasure of Allah. As Muslims, we must be able to classify what a good deed entails and understand what makes our good deeds different from those of others. If a believer does a “good deed,” it cannot Islamically be classified as...


Atheism Nearly Cost Me My Life

Imagine being hunted. You cannot see your attacker, but you know that the attacker will catch up with you. So you run anyway. Run. You reach a crossroads, and you do not know which road to take. You pick any; it does not matter to you, because the attacker will catch up with you. At some point, you slow down, and you forget about the attacker. But then, later, you’ll remember the chase. And you’ll keep running, and running, and running. Until you are so tired that you do...


Amidst The Catholics

“Why do your women have to cover but your men don’t?” “How do you know which direction to pray?” “Why can’t Muslim women marry Non-Muslim men?” “What exactly is an Islamic dress?” “Why don’t you believe in the Trinity?” These were amongst the barrage of questions that my friends and I had received while we presented to several classes at a Catholic high school in Washington D.C. The school was offering a “World Religions” module, and they had invited Al-Huda School to send over some students to present about...


The iPod Complex

I walk into the Masjid and meet two youth (only a year or two younger than me). While waiting for our class to begin, I take out my iPod Touch to read some Qur’an. However, one of the two kids eagerly asks if he could see it, pretty please. I allow him. He, along with most of the other youth, finds it weird that my iPod doesn’t have a pass code on it. I don’t feel my iPod contents needs to be hidden. I try to live my life...


Wisdom From Unlikely Sources

Go to any quotation site, and you’ll notice that most of the quotes come from famous people. However, whoever said that wisdom comes only from famous people? The following is a compilation of true stories and conjured tales from MYM staff writers (as well as a special guest writer towards the end) that think otherwise and have encountered wisdom from unlikely sources.  Here goes: Sr. Maryam: Go Down To Go Up I remember going to a hospital for a meeting with a doctor. I got off the car, the hospital’s entrance door...


How YOU(th) can be a STAR!

When you look up at the night sky these days, in your own city, what do you see? For me, all I see are a bunch of gloomy clouds. MashaAllah it’s a beautiful picture, but tell me, do you see any STARs? It seems that nowadays, all of our STARs have left us. They’re somewhere hidden and overshadowed by the flashing lights of this dunya. However, think back to the Prophet (SAW)’s time. He was in a desert, with no electric lights that were blinding. No need for them...


Are You Different?

“Islam began as something strange, and will revert to being strange as it began. So give glad tidings to the strangers.” -The Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) (narrated by Muslim from Abu Hurayrah) Are you a stranger? Or are you just an average Joe? Are you DIFFERENT? Or do you fit in with the crowd just fine? Below is a poem from spoken word poet Silent-K (Raa’id Khan) on the identity of Muslim youth.


Your Search is Over!

Have you ever gone through hundreds of Google pages trying to find a certain hadith or ayah, and have only been left with “Izlam is a violent religion” and other inaccurate information? I posed my thought and Alhamdulillah got some great responses.


You Will Not Move Forward!

Mu'adh bin Jabal reported that the Prophet (may Allah have peace upon him) said, "A human being will not move forward (in other words, he'll just be fixed standing) on the Day of Judgment, with their Lord, unless and until they're asked about 5 things.


The New Year

We have just recently begun a new year, in the pages of history. 2009, according to the Gregorian Calendar. And 1430, according to the Islamic Calendar. As the subject has been brought up, I want to share with you the story behind the Islamic Calendar and its importance in the life of every Muslim.