Editing with Excellence

For part 1 of this two-part article, which speaks about video taping, see here. As Muslims, we always have to try to do our best in anything we do. For, as stated by the Messenger of Allah (Salallahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam), “Verily, Allah has prescribed proficiency in all things.” (Hadith #17, An-Nawawi 40 Hadith). Therefore, whatever we produce, we must produce it with Ihsaan (translated as excellence or proficiency). Therefore, we can’t have those videos with boring titles, horrible audio and video quality, and a straight, one-angle shot of a...


Vivacious Video Taping

No doubt the medium of video is spreading like wild-fire all through the internet. The real question is: How can this medium be used for the sake of Allah? In the past years, many Muslim video productions have been done Alhamdulillah (DVDs, VHS, etc.). However, quite a few failed in engaging its Muslim viewers, and the effect of the message was lost. In this iTech post, we will discuss a few techniques on video taping a production that will bi-ithnillah (with Allah’s permission) improve your video and draw interest...