For It is Allah Whom I Obey

I am pulled towards pain, as I watch them all waste away. All my friends engage, and I feel enraged. Must I stay away? I glance and reprimand with a glare, but I cannot bring myself to stare. Innocence and the Deen or, party and face trouble with the unseen? My heart is pulled closer, and my chest feels weaker. Should I disobey? Nay, I cannot afford to stray. I have been given only one chance, to prove worthy myself to the Lord of the Vast. I must not...


How To Perform Repentance (Part 1)

Just recently, I was asked about a topic known to all Muslims. However, in our daily lives, we tend to many times forget about this issue. In terms of practicality, we seem to forget how preposterously simple this act is and how we should really be doing it more often. Therefore, I decided to discuss it here in my article. I was asked, “How does one exactly perform Tawbah (the Arabic word for “repentance”)?” Is it a very difficult and long process where one has to go to an Imam...