Finding My Calling

Life is a journey. It continues through the passing of time. I stepped into a city of gray. I walked through its streets with no guide. People passed by with expressionless faces. Cars honked each other as they stalled in the hum of traffic. The wind masked the monotonic footsteps within the metropolitan area. And the sun hid lazily behind the towering skyscrapers. Whether I walked in a circle or forward, I did not know. I felt the speedy rush hour pace during the day and saw the never...


Towards Unity

(Verse one) I can’t escape, its everywhere I go In the news in the paper, in all that I know From state to state, shore to shore Plagued to the heart, down to the core Undivided and conquered we’re all torn apart This is coming from inside, straight from my heart This is all I’m thinking, day and night We seem to think we’re always right When I go to the Masjid, I don’t know who’s leading Who’s sitting by my side, I don’t know who’s praying Do I...


Get Your Game On

Ever since I was young, my parents never allowed me to get a game console. Never. Whether it be Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Sega Genesis, PS1, PS2, PS3, XBox, Xbox 360, or anything else, I was never allowed to play these at home. This made it really hard while in elementary and middle school because practically everybody at school had one type of game console or another, and most conversations pivoted on the newest games that would come out. I tried convincing my parents numerous times to let...