Learning to Truly Believe

Not too long ago, I sat down in my room doing something that many of us eventually end up doing in our lives; I began to think about where I stand right now, where I am going, or if I had really moved at all. As I thought about my journey, I hit the same obstacle again and again. I am Muslim.  I want Jannah. And yet, if I know certain things are wrong, if I know I shouldn’t be doing them, why was I still committing the same sins?...


Deathly Reminders

I saw death coming right in front of me, and all I felt was fear. What will happen when it comes for me? Or you? * * * She lay there, weak, taking the last breaths of her life. Her lungs were suffering to exchange oxygen, her body emaciated due to weight loss. Her hair was gone, leaving only a few strands, and her eyes were shut, as she escaped in her own mind. I was thinking of how her soul would rise from her body, and prayed it...


Al-Ghaffar: The Perpetual Forgiver

While we go about living our daily lives, caught up in the speed and realness of each moment, an occasional “oh my Allah!” moment interrupts, reminding us to step back and reassess our situation. Reality dawns upon us, and we suddenly find ourselves at a loss of hope because of our sins. All of this is due to our choosing to live in the moment instead of living for this moment and all the rest. We find ourselves being lackadaisical and insincere when we want to repent. We begin...