A Month To Eternity

My heart is a wreck, Iman equivalent to a speck. I feel as though I stand in prayer alone When they claim Islam is outdated, outgrown. For eleven months, I have waited for this time When I am not the only one experiencing the sublime. Then comes a new moon like a dream, And the world sings, “Ramadan kareem,” I pray so sincerely for the light to stay past thirty days, These moments believers spend reciting His praise. Those that have never prayed the entire year Fall in prostration...


The Battle of Badr

The Battle of Badr took place in the blessed month of Ramadaan in the 2nd year after the Hijrah. The Battle of Badr has been referred to in the Qur’aan as the “Day of Furqaan”. Furqaan in Arabic means to separate and to distinguish because on that day, Allah clearly distinguished truth from falsehood. On that day, He gave the believers a sound victory and vanquished the hopes and aspirations of the disbelievers who were attempting to bring an end to the growing Islamic Movement. The Messenger of Allah صلى...


How To Perform Repentance (Part 1)

Just recently, I was asked about a topic known to all Muslims. However, in our daily lives, we tend to many times forget about this issue. In terms of practicality, we seem to forget how preposterously simple this act is and how we should really be doing it more often. Therefore, I decided to discuss it here in my article. I was asked, “How does one exactly perform Tawbah (the Arabic word for “repentance”)?” Is it a very difficult and long process where one has to go to an Imam...