What is a Good Deed?

We go about our lives performing good and charitable acts whether they are listening to our parents, getting homework done on time, giving donations, or helping our friends. Some people do good deeds because they have a good-natured soul, some for reputation, and others for the reward and pleasure of Allah. As Muslims, we must be able to classify what a good deed entails and understand what makes our good deeds different from those of others. If a believer does a “good deed,” it cannot Islamically be classified as...


Flying Away

That night, I was too little to cry, Hidden in mama’s womb So closely tied. And during that night, He took me out From that warm darkness To the blinding light, So serene and bright. Yet I do not bow To him And when time for prayer Comes I fly Away I lie I say I’m busy But I’m just Too lazy Yet I can’t deny That When I shut my eyes Every night I die, And then Every morning, He Opens my eyes, And once again My breath...