Hitting Home

When I was young, I remembered living in an old house. It was where my little brother first caught the chicken pox and then passed it on to me and my other younger brother. It was where I was forced to sit on a wooden chair and eat bananas, even though I’ve never been able to swallow one bite since my Gerber food days. It was where I lost my first goldfish, Fifi, and had to watch my mother lead the way – holding Fifi in a spoon –...


Free The People

It was for years, everyday, in the land of the sand With their fears, the voice of the people banned No speaking, no freedom; bending to their command For reasons, we believed it, and sit as they stand But look back to the story, once a kingdom of glory Oppressed, the very citizens—the leader’s quarry The Pharaoh, much dinero, treating the people poorly And those who chose to stand up got crushed like Ms. Corrie The right, to fight for what’s right, got lost along the line The line...