A Friend To Remember: Part I

It was another year at beloved public school, another year at Valley Falls High – home of brand new desks and bats in the ceiling. Lockers slammed and kids laughed as I walked through the halls, bumping shoulders and finding pathways in the crowd. I sighed. Summer had flown by in a midst of summer reading and relaxing, but it was too late to run out of school now. Walking into chemistry, my first class on my first day of junior year, I noted the nonexistent “Welcome Back” vibe...


An Overnight Orphan

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. The plane will be landing shortly, so please fasten your seatbelts,” the pilot announced. After buckling his seatbelt back on, Ahmad resumed gazing out the airplane window into the gray and dreary sky. His thoughts returned once more to that fateful day… His sister had finally graduated from college and the family had gone out to a local restaurant to celebrate. He didn’t go because he had a final exam the next day and had to finish studying. Tears started welling...