A Month To Eternity

My heart is a wreck, Iman equivalent to a speck. I feel as though I stand in prayer alone When they claim Islam is outdated, outgrown. For eleven months, I have waited for this time When I am not the only one experiencing the sublime. Then comes a new moon like a dream, And the world sings, “Ramadan kareem,” I pray so sincerely for the light to stay past thirty days, These moments believers spend reciting His praise. Those that have never prayed the entire year Fall in prostration...


Where is Home?

Home. Where is home? I thought of this and only then was I faced with the inevitable. “We’re going to move by the end of the year.” My father’s sudden words temporarily silenced me. I paused for a moment, unsure of what to say or how to feel. “Do I have a choice?” I asked, afraid of what I knew he was going to say. “No,” he said quietly. He sensed my pain. He’s seen this look on my face before. But he too, had no choice. I tried...


Raindrops of Realization

I stepped onto the crowded bus and after weaving my way through chattering school kids, mothers carrying crying babies and elderly women clutching their bags, I finally heaved myself into a seat by a window. I was exhausted, soaked, and near to tears.  I had had a roller coaster of a day.  From this morning’s minor argument with my mum to the drenched revision notes lying in my bag which I had spent all morning on to a stupid misunderstanding with my best friend to the failed maths test...