peer pressure


The Jester

Nothing comes, nothing comes like the setting of the sun, like a song already sung, nothing comes, nothing comes. Still he stands there, getting redder as the silence starts to fester. Still sad silence from the jester: nothing comes, nothing comes. People wait and watch and grumble as the jester starts to mumble lines of lyric, lines of woe, to himself as if a fool, yet nothing real and nothing new; nothing comes. No one talks and no one speaks. The jester’s bells just barely squeak, protesting silence at...


The Eye of the Artist

She sees herself in black and white: No vibrant hues, no trace of life. No shade, no texture, spark of hope Just insufficient paint-brush strokes The centering is off, the nose misplaced– It hangs off in a sorry state. The eyes too small, too dull, too lidless, Narrowed, lashless, doleful, listless A mouth too pinched, too hard a line, Crooked, bent, a river of wine The rough skin covered in craters and scars, A moonscape, crumbling, a palace of stars Dull hair, sparse locks, thinly drawn, Miserly strokes, artlessly...


A Friend To Remember: Part II

Continued from ‘A Friend to Remember: Part I’ Kalia got upset at the worst of things. I walked over to my mother’s car after school, stepping over the cracks in the sidewalk in front of the school. Being called a terrorist was just something I ignored, something stupid that media sensationalized and used against us. What Jamie had said to Kalia was a failure of an argument, and it was senseless to play along with those who tried to anger her. ­I opened the car door and threw my...