The Ephemeral

I used to be perfect: Untouched, unblemished, undisturbed. Yes, I was beautiful before you Came and changed me. You seem to forget that I was made for you But you were never made for me. You broke me The rain leaked Down. You started this. You sent wire missiles, bullets of bricks, Glass armies, cavalries of concrete . And you say that I am yours. The angels are healing me at dawn. While you sleep, I lie awake And remember what I was. Perfect were the days before you,...


Labyrinth of the Lovestruck

It’s quaint, old-fashioned. Almost like a rite of passage, I suppose, to have this insatiable need for the “fairytale ending,” the classic one where a beautiful girl is riding in a pretty horse-drawn carriage, accompanied by none other than her handsome prince. They’re both smiling – rigidly in that quintessential 50’s fashion – as they ride off into the sunset. Then, from what seems like thin air, two soaring birds trace words into the sky, leaving beautifully scripted letters, which read, “The End.”Sound familiar? Now, before you admonish and...


Sad you missed out on Hajj?

Many of us feel left out. We feel deprived. We feel depressed. We feel very sad at heart. This is because many of us did not get the opportunity to go and visit the Sacred House of Allah this year. Some of us may have already gone for Hajj, but yet we miss the Ka’bah already. Many of us have never gone for Hajj, and we feel extremely disheartened. But don’t feel sad, and don’t feel deprived.