That Which Turns

I was delayed of making amends When that which turns was turned on end. Now rusted iron bars keep me from free terrain Whilst I remain restrained by my own ball and chain. It pains to count days since I’ve locked myself away. The silence grows louder, echo is solemnly appraised. Until the dead night, when footsteps sound, The fear within me surmounts, abounds. Out of the darkness, a figure walks towards me, Treading lightly at first, but then swiftly, quickly. Shrouded in black, its demeanor intact, It examines...


Sailing Hearts and Ailing Hearts

By Ayman Nassar First of all, I thank my younger brothers for inviting me to write this youthful post. It’s a bounty from Allah that we have minds that reflect, and sleeves that are pulled up in our communities. Its late and the end of the week, so I will be brief. I had an interesting day today and all praises to Allah, the Magnificent and the Most Merciful. Alhamdulillah, I accompanied the first visit by an Imam to the Howard County Detention Center . Although a...