The Blessing of Pain

Of the symptoms associated with heartache is a frantic change in emotion. I am half way through the pangs of sorrow when I stop to breathe. I take it in. The remnant of a tear meanders down my cheek, following a path of the ones that preceded it. And for a moment, I’m too preoccupied with how everything works– the hormones or lack thereof running through my veins, the chemistry of my brain that is causing utter agony: stark magnificence. SubhanAllah. For a second, I laugh hysterically, but the...


Weeping Stars

Oh weeping stars, Do your falling tears bring any benefit? The night has brought its cover over the sky, Soothing many eyes to rest under its blanket. But mine refuses to close from the grief they behold, They search for an answer to relieve their mourning. I’ve explored the heavens above, Tracing your kin from one to another. Forming the constellation in the canvas above, I found nothing. As your kind would know, This world is temporary- A mere passing of a flickering flame. In moments can its ember...