Breeze of Redemption

On the hard ground she lay, A thing forgotten, left to decay, Her chest heaving up and down, Her heart beating, but she could hear no sound. A tear slid down ever so slowly, Never before had she felt so lonely. Doomed to fall within the folds of the earth, An embodiment of the clay she was before birth. She was alive, but barely hanging on, Inside she was hollow, her faith long gone, Tainted by the poison of ignorance, Her face long stripped of faith’s radiance. She knew...


Tale of Two Lives

In my Masjid, the Khateeb mentioned two stories that were very touching and emotional. They were the Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) Lives: one man and one girl. Both go through the same trials (concerning the types of friends they had), but the outcome is different for both of them. These are the words of the Khateeb, Imad Tibi, who is the principal of Al-Huda School in College Park, and these are his personal experiences. These are not the exact words but they convey the same meaning altogether:...