I Run

Atop a shaky mountain, I placed a burden. Oh what a sin, what a sin I have done. When will is weak and heart is hardened, Back to my Lord must I run, shall I run. Far in the distance, far from never ending toil, Far into fields where no soul may find me, I run unprepared, barefoot against damp soil, Leaving the shaky mountain behind me. On a twig, I stumble, I tumble, I fall Face first into the dirt where I belong. I cannot stop now, farther, farther I crawl...


Shaytan’s White Flag

Imagine Shaytan’s campaign dancing across your television screen. “He’ll never give up on you. He’ll keep whispering until he’s sure that you won’t enter Paradise. Are you wavering over whether or not to fall into desire? He’ll be there!” Images of people being blissful in their ignorance fade on and off of the screen. The background music is deceivingly soothing, almost enticing. “I’m Iblis and I approve this message.” Every commercial break, the ad plays over again. Your eyes, ears, and heart begin to go numb to it. It...


Breeze of Redemption

On the hard ground she lay, A thing forgotten, left to decay, Her chest heaving up and down, Her heart beating, but she could hear no sound. A tear slid down ever so slowly, Never before had she felt so lonely. Doomed to fall within the folds of the earth, An embodiment of the clay she was before birth. She was alive, but barely hanging on, Inside she was hollow, her faith long gone, Tainted by the poison of ignorance, Her face long stripped of faith’s radiance. She knew...