Shift in Gear

Death. We hear the word so frequently that it’s become almost meaningless. We see it on the news when we read about suicides, murders, and accidents. We see it in movies and even throw it around as a joke. But how often does the prospect of death truly cross our minds? We walk around thinking we’re invincible. We play, laugh, and plan for our future as if we’re guaranteed a future. We speak about tomorrow and what we’re going to accomplish, but we fail to realize that tomorrow might never...


The Lake House

Beyond a forest whence wind whispers, Amidst harmony and her sisters, Among vast land and alluring shadows, Stood a lake house in a deserted meadow. It cried a hymn, a cunning calling, To the one who found it deceiving; appalling, “Thou hast thieved thyself of this, Thou must return and reminisce.” Temptations were of the victim’s least interest, For long has it been defiantly distressed. Never did he intend to return; He cursed the lake house and wished it to burn. In the depths of the darkness it was...