Towards Unity

(Verse one) I can’t escape, its everywhere I go In the news in the paper, in all that I know From state to state, shore to shore Plagued to the heart, down to the core Undivided and conquered we’re all torn apart This is coming from inside, straight from my heart This is all I’m thinking, day and night We seem to think we’re always right When I go to the Masjid, I don’t know who’s leading Who’s sitting by my side, I don’t know who’s praying Do I...


Share The Love!

It is interesting that we mainly tend to venerate somebody only after that person has passed away. That is when the tears stream down, the words come out choked, and the hearts ache. Magnificent memorials are conducted, grand accolades are read, and heartfelt obituaries are written. Now, what if we were to express our gratitude and love to one before their death? Better yet, why not make the love for only the sake of Allah? For example, let’s say you get married. If you love your wife only for...