Shaytan’s White Flag

Imagine Shaytan’s campaign dancing across your television screen. “He’ll never give up on you. He’ll keep whispering until he’s sure that you won’t enter Paradise. Are you wavering over whether or not to fall into desire? He’ll be there!” Images of people being blissful in their ignorance fade on and off of the screen. The background music is deceivingly soothing, almost enticing. “I’m Iblis and I approve this message.” Every commercial break, the ad plays over again. Your eyes, ears, and heart begin to go numb to it. It...


The Serpent Under The Innocent Flower

When you hold the door open for a person walking up to the door of a building, who is it for? When you say “yarhamukumullah” to a person who sneezes, do you truly mean  “may Allah have mercy on you” with a pure intention, or do you say it in order to give you the semblance of a righteous person? Recently in class, we have studied Macbeth, a tale of deceit and betrayal, by William Shakespeare. This tale follows one paramount theme; “things are not what they appear.” This theme...