Colors of the Wind

Become one with the earth. Lay upon the dirt from which you came. Sinking, melting, Streaming down the crevices Cracks, slipping further. We return to the earth, don’t we? Go, return to your Lord. Creator. Guardian. Let the sun wash over your skin. Bask in the beams of mercy, A gift from your Lord Calling to you Pray Beg Bathe in the sheets of noor Filling every pore, hole, void, With longing To glide along the bridges threading from sky to earth. Crystal droplets, dancing Sloshing, swishing Flowing down...


A Mother’s Gift: Part II

Continued From “A Mother’s Gift: Part I.”  Three days went by. I went to school after the morning at Daniel’s house, trying to forget everything and catch up on my work.  I wanted to graduate; I wanted to get out of the life I had thrown myself into after my father’s death. I spent more time with my brother at night. He, at almost nine years old, was slowly starting to read, and that was something I couldn’t miss in his  life. My little brother was born early, and...