Bittersweet Solitude

In the chilling whispers of the night, Thoughts begin to race, take flight. I listen to my shallow breathing And the thump of my heart’s rhythmic beating. When emotions pour out one by one, I try to escape them, I try to run. Anxiety creeps in like roots of a tree, Suffocating in a darkness deeper than I can see. Blinded by a despicable hatred, As I watch those dear to me become alienated. The walls inside me that I have so carefully rebuilt Have crumbled away with tears...


Finding Freedom

Freedom. That elusive state of mind, Cherished much, different in kind, Sought after by the soul of man, Seeking, foolishly, in far off lands, Freedom; are you on the wings of the birds, Traversing the sky in organized herds? Or perhaps you are found in the heart of the youth, Living for the moment, yet to see the truth? Freedom; are you the wind that kisses the trees, Invisible yet felt in the form of a breeze? Or maybe you are hidden in violent rage, In the tears that...