A Fresh Start

I didn’t say hello. I didn’t say salaam. I didn’t ask for a name. Nor did I say mine. I just walked straight up to someone who I had never seen before and asked for a phone number. This was the first thing that I did on my very first day of university. I know what you’re thinking: ‘Astaghfirullah brother Abid! This isn’t the way to deal with sisters!’ It isn’t. Except he wasn’t a sister, though he smelled too good to be a brother. Standing at 5-foot-10, with...


How YOU(th) can be a STAR!

When you look up at the night sky these days, in your own city, what do you see? For me, all I see are a bunch of gloomy clouds. MashaAllah it’s a beautiful picture, but tell me, do you see any STARs? It seems that nowadays, all of our STARs have left us. They’re somewhere hidden and overshadowed by the flashing lights of this dunya. However, think back to the Prophet (SAW)’s time. He was in a desert, with no electric lights that were blinding. No need for them...