Quills of Wisdom

There was a time When the universe ended At the walls of my room. But when the veil was lifted And my horizon expanded, I became lost in the vastness That was laid before me; I marveled at wonders That entered my sight. I found wisdom like a sea That irrigated both The named and unnamed. I picked lessons like fruits From trees of stories. My days were reflections – Shared and received. I saw everything as pages to The book of the world. I saw speech as a...


The Handicapped Sign

The nearest parking spot. It always looked so appealing, so tempting. But then again, it also always was clearly marked with the “Handicapped Only” sign, along with all of the nearby alluring spots. Not that I ever put much thought into that. It just meant we couldn’t park there. But one day, all of that changed. There, while looking through my car window into the oppressive August heat, I experienced an epiphany. It was a sweltering afternoon when my mother left us kids in the car, right next to...