So You Think I’m Immodest?

The whole day had simply been concocting the ingredients for a famous dish, fiasco. I’d woken up for Fajr dreading getting dressed, because today’s dress code was to wear jeans and a t-shirt. How I could wear that modestly mystified me. I sighed and finally pulled on a long formal dress shirt that went just past my knees first, and then put the giant casual gray T-shirt on top. When they had asked me for a size, I’d gotten the biggest shirt they had. The other girls, debating whether...


Three Tears

What’s been said once was unknown, Of tales long sung, long left to roam, To dwell in hearts so new and pure, Such words of man that cease to cure. Tales they created so foolishly, Of merry folk and love set free, So did the people blindly follow, And found only void; their souls hollow. Alas, sorrow has claimed the pain, What was unknown is now explained. And when the morrow came to pass, What was unknown is known at last. Bittersweet was the truth that came, For it...