Gold-Rimmed Glasses

It was a summer of introductions and new concepts. My first summer in Pakistan. Everyone was talking about the heat and how uncomfortably hot it would be for us newcomers. Relatives flooded through the gates – unknown aunts and never-heard-about uncles, cousins who somehow shared a facial feature here and there – all crowding round in happiness, tight embraces and sloppy kisses, their faces shining with joy and love. An old friend of my grandma’s was sitting in the lounge chatting to my mother whilst little kids ran in...


The Extra Mile

Ever wondered what was the difference between an ordinary person and an extraordinary person? It’s just that one remained ordinary, while the other went the extra mile, making him extraordinary. Sounds too simple to be true? Take a quick look at the famous personalities around us. Whether they are famous in the field of politics, sports, acting, or any other prolific career, they usually got there by simply putting in the extra time that others didn’t. In politics, anybody can theoretically run for an elected position, yet we only...


Dare to be Different!

‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbas said that the Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever sticks to my Sunnah (my way, my path, my practice, my teachings) when my Ummah becomes corrupt, will receive the reward of 100 martyrs.” What is the corruption mentioned in this Ayah? It is explained by the previous statement, “Whoever sticks to my Sunnah” — implying that the rest of the Ummah will have abandoned the Sunnah of their Messenger, hence, have fallen into corruption and misguidance. So yes, no doubt, all types of corruption, in all areas. Definitely! But particularly, abandoning the...


The Ummah Timer

Just a few days ago, Algeria and Egypt had a neck-to-neck competition to see who would qualify for the 2010 World Cup. Players were stoned, people were held hostage, and there was general pandemonium…over a soccer game. What was most striking about this game was that these teams were both representing Muslim-majority Arab countries but yet, we saw so much enmity. Even putting all the hatred and enmity aside, it is amazing just to see the millions of Muslims that tuned in to watch the show. Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef...


Share The Love!

It is interesting that we mainly tend to venerate somebody only after that person has passed away. That is when the tears stream down, the words come out choked, and the hearts ache. Magnificent memorials are conducted, grand accolades are read, and heartfelt obituaries are written. Now, what if we were to express our gratitude and love to one before their death? Better yet, why not make the love for only the sake of Allah? For example, let’s say you get married. If you love your wife only for...


Ramadan and the 3 Groups of Youth

By Norhassan Curo - A guest post from the Philippines “We relate to thee their story in truth: they were youths who believed in their Lord, and We advanced them in guidance” (Surah Al-Kahf 18:13) With the present visit of our exalted guest—the month of Ramadan, many gifts of rare opportunities are given to thousands of young Muslims in the world. They, being in their prime energies and potentials, are given the best opportunities like no other to grab the bountiful gifts of this month. Some young Muslims welcome...


The New Year

We have just recently begun a new year, in the pages of history. 2009, according to the Gregorian Calendar. And 1430, according to the Islamic Calendar. As the subject has been brought up, I want to share with you the story behind the Islamic Calendar and its importance in the life of every Muslim.