A Mother’s Gift: Part II

Continued From “A Mother’s Gift: Part I.”  Three days went by. I went to school after the morning at Daniel’s house, trying to forget everything and catch up on my work.  I wanted to graduate; I wanted to get out of the life I had thrown myself into after my father’s death. I spent more time with my brother at night. He, at almost nine years old, was slowly starting to read, and that was something I couldn’t miss in his  life. My little brother was born early, and...


A Mother’s Gift: Part I

I looked at my watch, holding it under a streetlight. 12:00 – midnight. I ran down the street, heart racing, shoes pounding against the wet concrete. Bleak, dull houses passed in a blur under the blotchy night sky as I gasped for air, checking the road behind me to see if anyone had followed. I reached the porch of our house, dim light visible through the cracked window in the door. I opened the door slowly to keep the creaks to a minimum. I took slow, careful steps over...