Diary of a Syrian Refugee

March 18, 2012 The noise of the fighting on the other side of the border has started up again, more a groaning clatter sputtering incessantly than the distant hum we have become used to. The fighting has drawn closer. The sound has been unbearable. The music of the rain and the deafening roar of thunder like a drum roll before a curtain call that has engulfed us. Jaddati says this rain is a blessing. I suppose I would have enjoyed it if it weren’t so cold. The rains have...


The Battle of Badr

The Battle of Badr took place in the blessed month of Ramadaan in the 2nd year after the Hijrah. The Battle of Badr has been referred to in the Qur’aan as the “Day of Furqaan”. Furqaan in Arabic means to separate and to distinguish because on that day, Allah clearly distinguished truth from falsehood. On that day, He gave the believers a sound victory and vanquished the hopes and aspirations of the disbelievers who were attempting to bring an end to the growing Islamic Movement. The Messenger of Allah صلى...


The Greatest Worshipper of His Time

Many years before the time of Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Isa (peace be upon them), there was a man among the Bani Israa’eel (The Children of Israel) who was an extremely devout person. Nowadays, we think we are pious and righteous Muslims if we just pray 5 times a day, read the Quran sometimes and fast in Ramadan. Would you believe that this man had been worshipping Allah (عز وجل) for over 60 years nonstop?! This man had a small temple or monastery for himself, where he would live, worship and remember his Lord. He...