Washington DC


Amidst The Catholics

“Why do your women have to cover but your men don’t?” “How do you know which direction to pray?” “Why can’t Muslim women marry Non-Muslim men?” “What exactly is an Islamic dress?” “Why don’t you believe in the Trinity?” These were amongst the barrage of questions that my friends and I had received while we presented to several classes at a Catholic high school in Washington D.C. The school was offering a “World Religions” module, and they had invited Al-Huda School to send over some students to present about...


Mommy, Daddy, What Is That?

In our lives, we see, meet, and interact with non-Muslims on a daily basis. These moments, be it large or small, creates an influence on the person whether it was our intention or not. Based upon my personal (both serious and hilarious) experiences, there are three ways one can give Dawah without even mentioning the phrase “convert to Islam”. Message from the Author: This article is an Eid special (by the way, all of the events happened in the three days of Eid except for the last event). Eid...