Yellow Leaves

An afternoon last October brought about a particularly breezy day, seasoning the ground with an array of reds, yellows, and browns. But I wasn’t outdoors to enjoy it. Instead, I raced up staircases, through a maze of blindingly lit hallways to my British literature class after praying dhuhr. As I walked in and took a seat, I saw my professor cradling a stack of marked up papers in his arms. They were essays he handed back the week before, giving us a chance to revise them for a better...


Morning After Mourning

A quiet appeal, whispering, waking, Attempting to relieve the self-inflicted aching, Heavy with sleeplessness, I reject any reckoning, Of my conscience, beckoning, beckoning, beckoning. But the attempts of the devil to leave me immobilized Are weaker than the guilt that has me hypnotized, And in that split second, I open my eyes. My soul kindles a flame, summons me to follow, Says, “Leave not the grieving for tomorrow.” The blanket of stars, ever luminescent, I am brought under, By the destroyer of pleasures that wakes me from slumber. I...


Dealing With Decreased Enthusiasm

How many times have you found yourself really motivated and excited to do something for Islam but then, slowly and surely, as time passed, you found that your enthusiasm decreased? Well, if you have ever experienced this up and down, this high and low feeling, then this Prophetic Hadith is for you. If you are very worried and distraught about your faith and unsure of what to do when you are in that ‘down mode’, then pay close attention to these pearls of Prophetic wisdom: عَنْ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ بْنِ عَمْرٍو رضي الله...