The Blessing of Pain

Of the symptoms associated with heartache is a frantic change in emotion. I am half way through the pangs of sorrow when I stop to breathe. I take it in. The remnant of a tear meanders down my cheek, following a path of the ones that preceded it. And for a moment, I’m too preoccupied with how everything works– the hormones or lack thereof running through my veins, the chemistry of my brain that is causing utter agony: stark magnificence. SubhanAllah. For a second, I laugh hysterically, but the...


Quills of Wisdom

There was a time When the universe ended At the walls of my room. But when the veil was lifted And my horizon expanded, I became lost in the vastness That was laid before me; I marveled at wonders That entered my sight. I found wisdom like a sea That irrigated both The named and unnamed. I picked lessons like fruits From trees of stories. My days were reflections – Shared and received. I saw everything as pages to The book of the world. I saw speech as a...


Wisdom From Unlikely Sources

Go to any quotation site, and you’ll notice that most of the quotes come from famous people. However, whoever said that wisdom comes only from famous people? The following is a compilation of true stories and conjured tales from MYM staff writers (as well as a special guest writer towards the end) that think otherwise and have encountered wisdom from unlikely sources.  Here goes: Sr. Maryam: Go Down To Go Up I remember going to a hospital for a meeting with a doctor. I got off the car, the hospital’s entrance door...